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Petition: Why does anyone need to eat endangered Whales?

Author: Dorothy May
Target: Icelandic and Japanese Governments
Sponsors: Dorothy May
Signatures: 267
Category: Exploitation of Natural Resources
End date: 2018-11-28
Our database includes 267 signatures, help us get to 1000
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Description: Hunting and eating whale meat looks more like a case of misplaced patriotism than anything else, Iceland has stubbornly refused to stop whaling for decades, despite international condemnation. Little economic and even less cultural benefit comes from whaling, but still Iceland continues. It’s exploiting the “scientific” loophole, although of course the hunt is actually for meat, much of which is sold to tourists and almost all the rest exported to Japan. Icelanders themselves eat very little whale meat – it’s not supposed to be very nice – and demand is rapidly dropping in Japan. However, Iceland isn’t planning to stop whaling at all. It’s planning to kill more whales. The government recently announced that in 2014, it plans to kill six percent more minke whales – that’s 13 more individuals. These little whales, the smallest of the baleen whales, face constant threats from pollution, entanglement in fishing gear and climate change. The last thing they need is more hunting. Tell Iceland that national pride shouldn’t and doesn’t come from annihilating whales and to turn its attention to something productive, elsewhere


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We signed: Why does anyone need to eat endangered Whales?
Mr Jonas Hofer 2017-04-29 14:14:12 #247
Ms hoin brigitte 2016-02-07 02:31:10 #246
Mrs pillon myriam 2016-02-04 16:11:36 #245
Ms Jessica Pynn 2016-02-02 18:37:52 #244
Mrs Marie-José CHOBERT 2016-02-02 04:01:36 #243
Ms Shelley Ottenbrite 2016-01-19 03:58:55 #242
Mr Gerard Fabiano 2016-01-15 06:57:58 #241
Mr ralf groneberg 2016-01-15 03:18:54 #240
Ms Martine Cuisenaire 2016-01-08 05:01:00 #239
Mrs Caroline Sévilla 2015-12-27 14:56:39 #238
Ms Diane Myers 2015-12-13 22:39:38 #237
Ms Kerie Strine 2015-11-14 20:35:41 #236
Ms Antoinette Gonzales 2015-10-24 15:03:05 #235
Ms Sylwia Zielinska 2015-09-17 01:06:00 #234
Ms Melissa Ward 2015-09-13 09:25:55 #233
Mrs Anne Dahmer 2015-09-13 09:13:46 #232
Mrs Donna Griffen 2015-09-12 14:42:25 #231
Ms Wendy Jimenez 2015-09-12 06:23:37 #230
Ms Susan Babick 2015-09-12 06:05:58 #229
Mr SINCLAYR CASAROTO 2015-09-12 05:04:06 #228