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Petition: Absolutely No Reason to be Testing on Baby Animals!

Author: Rachel Karson
Target: NIH, U of Washington, All Universities and Research Labs
Signatures: 1454
Category: Animal Rights
End date: 2018-11-28
Our database includes 1454 signatures, help us get to 25000
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Description: The University of Washington,continues to perform sickening experiments on monkeys. Employees at the school perform grisly vivisections -- experiments on live animals -- drilling holes into the skulls of monkeys, implanting coils on their eyes, and tearing infant monkeys away from their mothers to intentionally cause psychological trauma. Please sign this petition to demand that the National Institute of Health stop sending taxpayer dollars to the University of Washington to fund these cruel and unnecessary experiments. The primate research taking place at U of Washington is scientifically meaningless. Experiments on baby monkeys are fraudulent and cannot be extrapolated to humans, but U of Washington vivisectors routinely perpetrate barbaric experiments on baby monkeys such as inducing convulsions, disfiguring eyes, suffocating them, torturing babies while still in their mothers wombs, causing deformities and more. If the babies don't die on their own, they are killed at one year of age and thrown away. For this the vivisectors received over $18 million of our tax dollars between 2010-2011 alone and another $12 million to breed baby monkeys for other laboratories to torture. Other schools, including Harvard University, have been forced to shut down their live animal experiments -- if enough of us speak up, we can get the U of Washington to do the same. Doing inhumane tests on animals is one small step away from using humans!


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We signed: Absolutely No Reason to be Testing on Baby Animals!
Mrs josette Duncan 2014-03-14 07:54:40 #14
Miss alice maniez 2014-03-14 07:48:09 #13
Ms Laureline Boukobza 2014-03-14 07:46:35 #12
Ms Jean François Lepicard 2014-03-14 07:38:21 #11
Mrs donatella saiani 2014-03-14 07:34:26 #10
Ms Christine LESIEUR 2014-03-14 07:29:16 #9
Ms Lise Vandal 2014-03-14 07:23:08 #8
Mrs bos claudine 2014-03-14 07:18:59 #7
Mrs regula hess 2014-03-14 07:18:24 #6
Ms roulet stephanie 2014-03-14 07:16:55 #5
Ms Valérie Debard 2014-03-14 07:15:15 #4
Ms Verhulst Marie Noelle 2014-03-14 07:13:43 #3
Ms Audrey Muir 2014-03-14 04:42:17 #2
Ms Rachel Karson 2014-03-05 07:49:15 #1