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Petition: Protect YellowStone National Park Wolves Now!

Author: .ECO Pulse
Target: State Governors surrounding YellowStone Park
Sponsors: Moses Boone
Signatures: 2904
End date: 2018-11-28
Our database includes 2904 signatures, help us get to 5000
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Description: At least eight Yellowstone National Park wolves have been shot and killed along the park boundary since hunting season began. Five of these animals were wearing radio collars and were the subjects of intensive conservation research study. Wolves roam widely in search of food or mates. It's natural for them to occasionally wander briefly outside the park's invisible borders, but that shouldn't make them fair game for hunters. The killing of Yellowstone wolves is unconscionable. Tell the governors of the surrounding states to shut down the wolf hunt immediately in lands adjacent to the park.


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We signed: Protect YellowStone National Park Wolves Now!